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Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards

Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards

Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards
Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards

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Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards

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Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - Yea! Finally! A bingo baby shower game with Pizazz! With Pep! With, with... Spunkatudinality! In this 20 card version, guests are handed colorful cards with baby themed pictures: a crib, a birth certificate, stroller, baby blocks, etc. The first person to get five in a row and yell "Baby Bingo" wins. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this baby shower game has got to be worth Millions!

There are 2 squares on each card which allow each guest to write in the name of the mom-to-be and her (expectant) due date. The mom will beam with pride and joy every time she hears her name and baby's due date called during each game.

20 Card Baby Bingo comes complete with: 20 unique bingo cards
80 perforated caller chips
390 heart markers
Master call sheet

Cards measure 5-1/4" x 6-1/2" h each. This version is for the hip, yet budget-conscious party thrower. EXCITING GAME!!

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Product Reviews:
3 user rated 4.7 out of 5 stars

[...] using mom to be name was the cooliest and baby due date. Mommy eyes would light up each time those slots were called very unique My guest loved it different from the norm. and good price. - Vanessamya (the Granny)

[...] - Great Grandma

I have done BINGO at other showers that I have hosted,and it is always a hit. Looking aside from some of the obscure BINGO tiles, fun and familiar way to get people into playing shower games. We had 17 people so we utilized many of the cards. Really fun shower game and the ridiculousness of some of the tiles were the best part! - Sara, The hostest with the mostest

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Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game - 20 cards

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