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Craft Time with Alan - Baby Shower Do It Yourself Crafts

Craft Time with Alan - Baby Shower Do It Yourself Crafts

Oh he shows you things that you can do too! It's craft time, craft time, craft time... with Alan!

Itís craft time at Big Dot of Happiness. My name is Alan and we're going to go over how to make some Do it yourself baby shower items with our unique and original Big Dot of Happiness products! Such as: The round personalized baby shower sticker labels. Personalized Die Cut Card Stock Tags. Squiggle personalized baby shower stickers. Personalized Baby Shower name tags. 4 1/2 inch tall fillable baby bottle. And empty sweetie fellable clear baby shower container.

Over here we have some examples of how to use our squiggle stickers. They come 16 to a sheet so you can do a lot of different things with them. For example, we have a bag of pacifier candy treats and just a piece of regular craft paper folded over the top. We put a couple staples in it. Now you have your own personalized little treat bag. Or you could do it this way, where we have a regular craft paper bag, folded over, tied with a ribbon and then personalized with our squiggle sticker. Fill that with any sort of little treat that you like.

Next we have some of our sweetie containers that we've done a few things with. For example, We took a sheet of just regular fabric, tied it off with a bow on the lid and filled it with our pacifier candy which is also available at BigDotOfHappiness.com. Another example similar to that one, we took our piece of fabric, piece of twine, and tied off one of our Little Cowgirl squiggle tags on there and I believe these are filled with butter mints. The last example with the sweetie jars we have is take one of our personalized round sticker labels and put that on the lid and then just put a nice little piece of ribbon on there. Glue it on on the back. People will love it.

Right next to those we have some examples of what you can do with our fillable baby bottles. We've taken another piece of ribbon, tied that around and glued it on the back. Put on one of our personalized round sticker labels and then filled them with trail mix.

Here's another way to use our personalized sticker labels. Take your plastic utensils, wrap a napkin around them and attach one of our sticker labels to the front to hold it together. Not only does it look good but it also makes it convent for your guest.

Over here we have a pretty unique way to use our squiggle die cut tags. What we've done is take a tag, used a standard hole punch to put an extra hole in the bottom and to make the top hole a little bit bigger. Then we take a straw, feed it threw the bottom, bend it over a little bit and feed it threw the top. Now we have a unique and personalized way for your guest to enjoy their drink.

Lastly, we've used our name tag labels in a few unique ways to add touches of personalization to your tablescape. For example, We've taken a piece of craft paper, folded it in half and attached one of our name tag labels to the front so you can have a personalized place card for your guests. Over here we have our Aloha Iced Tea. We've taken a piece of craft paper attached a name tag label to it and tied it to the lid with a ribbon. Boy that sure looks tasty. This has been another Big Dot of Happiness Craft Time. My name's Alan. Thanks for watching and cheer. Mmmmmmm

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Craft Time with Alan - Baby Shower Do It Yourself Crafts

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