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Baby Shower Game Olympics

Baby Shower Game Olympics

Hello this is Chris with Big Dot covering live coverage from the Baby Shower Games but first let's do a recap of yesterday's events, the Helpful Hint games.

Yesterday’s events were really something to see Chris. This fun baby shower game is all about coming up with great advice for the parents to be. The guys in this competition took the event very seriously and as you can see literally fighting to come up with the best helpful hint. It got pretty brutal for a while there but after the dust cleared, Alan was the clear winner with his helpful hint of...

Fork plus outlet equals bad.

Wow, that was an excellent coverage of the games. Now let’s go live to the bottles up games.

Thanks Chris. We're really excited for today’s Bottles Up competition. Looks like all of our competitors have done their stretches and are ready to go. They’re off! These players really look serious, look at their moves! Looks like we might need to get referees involved in this one. This game is all about being the first to empty your baby bottle full of your favorite drink. Looks like we have a winner. Back to you Chris.

Wow, that was a competition to remember. Well, that's it for today folks. Tune in next time for more Baby Shower Games. Until then, have a Big Dot day!

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Baby Shower Game Olympics

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