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Baby Shower Invitations - You Asked, We Answered!

Baby Shower Invitations - You Asked, We Answered!

How long will it take to process my baby shower invite order?

We're really quick!

Most orders, even personalized ones leave our warehouse within only one business day.

For your invites, we're so fast, we'll make your head spin.

What makes our baby shower invitations special?

Our invites are special because we have these cute little characters on them.

Just check out monkey girl.

We don't have boring square invites, we have remarkable squiggle invites.

Our invites are printed on a Kromekote paper. That's a heavy satin photo paper with a gloss like shine.

These envelopes have a squiggley little shape.

What are some tips for ordering personalized baby shower invitations?

Don't forget to check you're spelling... Please?

Registered. r-e-g-i-s-t-e-r-e-d. Registered.

I know there's a lot of nice writers out there, who may be aspiring novelist, however you can't fit a novel on our circle labels or mini wrappers.

Oh these are just about invites.

Ah, really?

Our invites do only have so much space so be careful to add too much text.

Remember to check the year. It's been how many months since January?

Make sure to include all you're information, including date, time, and location.

How much flexibility do I have when entering my text?

We offer 14 lines of text on most of our baby shower invitations.

What if I only have 9 lines of text?

No problem. Our remarkable design team will work their magic to make it just right.

Well Big Dot folks, see these nice lines of text right here.

This one, right here.

Well we already did all the work to think of some cool lines to put in there.

But feel free to personalize your invitations with your own cute sayings.

What is a concierge?

We can concierge any order to meet your customer needs.

Do you want a purple elephant? Well you've got it! Do you want a green Lady bug? We can do that too!

So maybe blue's not you're color. You're thinking I want purple... We can make it purple!

Is this it? Are we done?

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Baby Shower Invitations - You Asked, We Answered!

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