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Free Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Free Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Free Baby Shower Ideas & Games
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1. Baby Shower Guessing Games

A great way to get your baby shower guests involved is with guessing games. Guessing games are a fun and less-competitive alternative for those shy and timid guests. Give all of your guests, both reserved and outgoing, a chance at participating to win prizes.

Guess The Date - Set up a calendar grid of the month when the baby is due. Have the guests write their name on the date when they think the baby will be born. For a tie breaker, you can have the guests also write the time and weight of the baby. The host or hostess can be responsible for sending a prize to the winner after the baby arrives.

Wet Diaper Game - Break up into groups of 3-4. Each group gets a disposable newborn diaper, large pitcher of water, and a measuring cup. Each group predicts how much water they think the diaper will hold without the water leaking out. Write down the guess before you start. The group that comes closest to their guess wins a prize.

Baby Price is Right - Purchase some baby items and set them on a tray. The more items you purchase, the harder the game is. Ask everyone write down the prices of each and then add up the total. Whoever is closest to the correct total amount wins! Sumbitted by: Jaimie

How Many Are in the Bottle? - Stuff a baby bottle with safety q-tips, cotton balls, jelly beans, m&m's, safety pins, or any item of your choice. Pour the items out so you can count them. Put the items back in the bottle. Pass the bottle around and have each guest write on a piece of paper how many they think are in the bottle. The closest one to the actual number wins a door prize and the bottle can go to the mommy-to-be as a useful gift! Submitted by: Jennifer

Baby Pictionary - This game is based upon the original Pictionary board game. Before the shower, place words relating to baby activities and items on small cards. Example: changing a diaper, giving birth, feeding time. At the shower, create teams and give each one a pad of paper and pencil. Let one member of the team see a card then tell them to draw the word or phrase for their partners to guess. Use a timer or just play until someone guesses. When the time is up, the teams total up the number of words they have guessed correctly and the team who has the most correct wins a prize.

Pin The Diaper On A Balloon - The parents-to-be race each other to put an old-fashioned cloth diaper on a balloon securing it with a pin. Whoever finishes first without popping the balloon wins.

What's In The Bag? - Place small baby items (i.e. pins, pacifiers, thermometer, ointment, etc.) into medium-sized paper bags. Have your guests guess what is in each bag. The guest with the most correct answers wins. Submitted By: Alissia

What's In the Baby Bag? - You will need a baby bag and a bunch of baby accessories (pacifier, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.) that fit and belong in a baby bag. Put the baby bag on a table or floor (wherever the guest can see it) and take out all the things from the bag. Have them look at the items for 2-5 minutes and put them away. Each player will have to memorize what's in the bag and whoever has the most items memorized wins. Submitted By: Maricar M.

Measure Moms Waist/Stomach - This game allows the guests to guess how big the mommy's waist is. With yarn, toilet paper, string or any other means of measuring, take the material and let each guest tell you where to cut the material. After everyone has gotten their guess cut, have them place their material around the fullest part of the mommy's waist/stomach. Who's ever piece of material is the closest to the size of mommy's tummy wins a door prize. Submitted By: Keida

Famous Mothers - Pin the name of a famous mother on the back of each guest. Each guest mingles amongst the other guests and asks them yes or no questions to try to guess who they are. (Examples: "Am I still alive?" "Am I a movie star?") Typically, one of the guests has the name of the mother-to-be on their back. The first person to guess right wins a door prize. Submitted By: Leslie

Guess the Baby Food - Have as many baby food jars as desired. Remove each label from the jars & number each jar lid. On a poster board tape the labels from the jars. Have the guests try to match them with the right baby food by smelling or tasting. Just make sure you write the correct answers down so you can check them once everyone is done. Submitted By: Robin

Lucky Duck - Number 7-10 rubber ducks. Write the chosen baby name or sex of the baby on the bottom of the duck. Have each guest take a wild guess at which duck has the baby's name on it. The people who guessed correctly receive a prize/goody bag. Submitted By: Tammy

2. All About Baby - Baby Shower Games

Here you will find unique baby shower games that all relate to baby. From baby shower games including bibs, bottles, and blankets to baby name games and dirty diaper games, these All About Baby - Baby Shower Games are fun, creative, and original.

Dirty Diaper Game - You'll need 5 cloth/disposable diapers and some miniature candy bars (5 different flavors). Put a different mini candy bar in each diaper and slightly microwave them (be sure you keep track of which is which). Pass the diapers around to see if they can figure out what candy bar is in each diaper. The person who guesses the most correctly wins!
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Baby Seat Game - Write down the word "baby" on a piece of paper. Before anyone gets to the shower, put it under any seat where the guests will be sitting. At the end of the shower, tell everyone to look under their seats for it. Whoever is in that seat at that time wins! Submitted By: Sarah

Baby Unscramble - Make a list of baby items or things that are associated with a baby. Scramble the words so that they are difficult to read. Have each player unscramble the words and see who can unscramble the words the fastest. Submitted By: Angie
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Dress the Baby Race - Ask your shower guests for two volunteers. Blindfold your volunteers, hand them a baby doll, doll clothes, a diaper, and some powder. See you can dress the baby the fastest. The baby must have the powder and all the clothes on.

Pin the Pacifier on the Baby - Have a creative friend draw up a big baby face on construction paper and make a bunch of pacifiers out of different colored paper. Have the guests write their name on a paper pacifier. Blindfold them, spin them around three times and let them go. Whoever comes the closest to getting the pacifier in the baby's mouth wins. Submitted By: Bobbi

Bottle "Baby" Game - Buy little bottles from the arts and crafts department. Put them on a ribbon or string to wear as a necklace. Hand your guests a bottle upon arrival and tell them that to refrain from saying the word "baby." If they say the word "baby" at all during the shower, whoever catches them saying it takes their bottle necklace. Whoever has the most baby bottle necklaces at the end of the shower is the winner. Sumbitted By: Erin
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Paper Babies - Give each guest a piece of paper. Whenever you say go, they have to try to tear out their paper into the shape of a baby while holding the paper behind their backs. Allow them a couple of minutes to do this. Whoever has the best shaped baby wins. Have everyone sign their babies and keep them in a baby book. Submitted By: Paula

The Baby Dance - Take eggs and boil them. Once they are cooled down draw baby faces on them. At the baby shower, have the guests place the baby face egg either between their eyes or on their forehead. A song will be played and they have to dance with the baby. The rule is they cannot touch the baby with their hands. The person who balances the baby face egg the longest wins. Submitted By: Robin

Dirty Diaper Game - You can handmake small individual diapers out of paper or fabric and put a small "stain" (chocolate, mustard, etc) in a winning diaper. As guests arrive, give each person one to pin on their shirts. The guest who receives the "stained" diaper is the winner!
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B-A-B-Y Gift Bags- Take 4 gift bags and label each bag with the letters B- A -B - Y. Inside each bag, place a baby item beginning with that letter (Example: In gift bag "B," the gift could be "bibs"). Each guest should then guess what is in the bag. Whoever guesses the right gift in the bag first gets to give it to the mommy. Submitted By: Laura

The Name Game - If the parents-to-be have picked a name for the new arrival, see how many other words can be made out of the letters of the baby's name. Pre-print the baby's name on a piece of paper, make enough copies for your guests, and give every guest a sheet and let them see how many words they can come up with within a certain amount of time. Submitted By: Pamela

Lots-O-Diapers - Write on the invitation to bring (as an extra gift) a pack of diapers or wipes for a chance to win a prize. Each guest who brought the item(s) would get a raffle ticket. At the end of the shower, have a drawing for a nice gift basket. The mommy-to-be will receive tons of diaper and wipes and a guest will leave with an extra special gift basket. Submitted By: Cindy

Mom-To-Be's Name Game - Have the guests spell out the mom-to-be's name on a piece of paper. Have each guest think of a baby name beginning with each of the letters in her name. The guest who finishes first is the winner! Submitted By: Julie

Name Game - Pass out paper and pens to each guest. Have them write the baby's name down the edge of the paper. If the baby's name is unknown, the mommy's name will work. Have them look through their purse and find items beginning with each letter. The one who fills all of the letters with an item in their purse the fastest wins. For more fun, have the winner go through her list and show everyone what she had. Submitted By: Andie

Dress the Baby Race - First you must have two of each of the following items: life size baby dolls, diapers, blankets, baby hats, baby T- shirt, baby socks, shoes, baby bibs, pants or jumpers, baby bottles or pacifiers, and baskets. Fill the two baskets with one of each item. Place them at different tables and have 2 guests stand by each of the baskets. Have them stand at the same distance from the mother and with a stopwatch, time the two players racing to dress the baby the fastest. The player who takes the baby fully dressed wrapped in its blanket to the mother first qualifies for the final round. Do the same for the rest of your guests wanting to play. Have a final round with the speediest contestants to determine the winner.

Name That Baby Tune - For this game all you need is a recording device and songs with the word "baby" in the title. Make a tape of 10 songs, 5- 10 seconds each and have your guests try to figure out the name of the song and the artist. Be sure to tape the same clips twice so the guests can listen to the song a second time. Whoever gets the most song titles and artists correct wins! Submitted By: Stacy

What's That Smell? - Get six disposable diapers or however many diapers you would like to use. Each diaper should contain a different smell. Some smelly ideas are orange juice, hot sauce, mustard, vapor rub, cinnamon, relish etc. Have each guest smell each diaper and write down their guess on a numbered piece of paper. Whoever guesses the most stinky diapers correct wins.

Diaper Game - Divide into teams of two and have one person construct a diaper out of toilet paper on their teammate. After a few minutes have the mother-to-be decide which diaper is the best or most interesting. The winning team gets a prize. Submitted By: Jennifer

3. Mommy & Daddy Baby Shower Games

These mommy and daddy games are a great way to learn some fun facts about the new parents, help them out with the baby's college fund, and even leave the mommy and daddy with some memorable keepsakes. Some of these games even allow the mom and dad to participate in games!

Thank You Notes - Purchase thank you notes for the mom-to-be. Have each guest at the shower write their name and address on an envelope when they arrive. At some point during the shower, draw one envelope. That person wins a prize! And the mom-to-be already has all her thank you notes addressed! Submitted By: Melissa

While You Were Out Video - First, the new daddy needs to be video-taped answering the pre-asked questions. Have 2 gifts for the mom-to-be; one that is a gag gift and one that is a great gift. Ask the mommy-to-be if she could guess what her husband said to certain questions. If she could answer most of them correctly, she would get the great gift. If she couldn't, she would get the gag gift. After she answered each question, show the video of him answering the same question. Submitted By: Sandy

Mommy Trivia - Have 10 questions about the mother-to-be when she was a baby and growing up (any number of questions is fine). Some of the questions could be, "How old was she when was potty-trained?" and "How much did she weigh at birth?" and "What was her favorite childhood toy?" It's even better if you put some gag answers in there such as "What was the name of the doctor that delivered __mother's name here__ when she was born? a) Dr Thomas Wayne b) Dr James Stringer c) Dr Jack Kevorkian." Whoever with the most correct answers wins. Submitted By: Staci A.

Pin The Diaper On A Balloon- The parents-to-be race each other to put an old-fashioned cloth diaper on a balloon securing it with a pin. Whoever finishes first without popping the balloon wins.

Onesie Pictures - Buy packets of onesies that total the number of guests you'll have at the shower. With glitter glue, have everyone draw a picture on the onesies and then have the mom-to-be vote on her favorite. The winner receives a prize and the mom-to-be gets to keep all of the onesies. Submitted By: Rita F.

Advice for Years Ahead - On separate pieces of paper, have as many numbers in the bowl as there are guests (including mom and hostess). Example: 0-38, 0-66. Have each guest draw a number. The number drawn represents the future age of the baby. Give everyone a piece of pretty paper and a matching envelope and have them write a letter to the baby at that age. No one is allowed to read them. Seal the letters and give them to the mommy-to-be to open on future birthdays. The cards will include everything from advice to funny stories about the mommy. Submitted By: Bri-Anne

Fast Puzzle Finisher- Purchase 4 mini puzzles (100 pieces or less). Have groups of 3-4 people per puzzle. The group who finishes first wins and gets a prize! The puzzles are great for the mommy to keep until baby is ready to play with them.

Birthday Cards for Baby's Life - I was at a shower where the parents to be knew the gender and the name of the baby so one of the activities was to make birthday cards for each of the first 18 years of the baby's life. Each person was given a year to make the card for. We had stickers, rubber stamps, foam shapes, gel pens and all kinds of crafty items available to make the cards. The child will come to look forward to his cards from his family and parents' closest friends. Submitted By: Elaine

Questions About The New Family - Hand out a set of 10 to 20 questions about the expecting couple. Set the timer and see who gets the most amount of questions right. Some examples of questions are: Will they breast feed or not? How many uncles will the new baby have?

Memory Blanket - Hand everyone at the shower an 8x8 square piece of fabric. With fabric markers, have everyone draw a picture of something having to do with baby's first year. Collect the drawings. In the next few weeks the host can sew the pieces together like a baby quilt. Present this gift to mommy-to-be when the baby arrives or at the baby's first birthday.

Draw The Baby Game - Each guest is given a white paper plate and a colored pencil, crayon, or marker. Have each guest hold the paper plate on top of their heads and draw a picture of the baby. Have each guest sign the back of their pictures and give them to the new mom as keepsakes! Submitted By: Kayanne

Digital Camera - Designate someone to have a digital camera. As each guest arrives, take a photo of them with the mother-to-be. If you have a large crowd, put a sticker on the guests so you know who has had their picture taken. Develop the pictures in duplicates, mailing one back with your Thank You Card and other set becomes a keepsake for the mother-to-be. Make sure the Thank You Cards and Envelopes are large enough to hold a 4x4 or 4x6 photo. Choose to buy a photo album so the mother will have a readymade keepsake.

College Fund- Note on the invitation about a raffle for a big prize and to "Bring Your Money!" Each person at the shower can buy one raffle ticket for a $1 or ten for $5. At the end, a winner wins a nice prize like a gift certificate for dinner, Wal-Mart gift card, or a gas gift card. The money collected starts the baby's 1st bank account. Extra door prizes or extra favors can be raffled off as well. Submitted By: Julie U.

Mommy's Name Game - Write down the mother-to-be's first and last name. Each person has a piece of paper and a pen. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Each person, using the letters of mom-to-be's name, creates as many words as they can in that 5 minute period. When the timer goes off, each person counts the number of words they have. Here's the catch! For each word made, that person puts a dime (nickel or quarter) per word into the baby's first piggy bank. The person with the most words wins a prize. This is a great way to start baby's college fund.

Winner Gets ALL - Get a can and decorate it before the guests arrive. When the guests arrive, pass the can around and tell them that they can put some money, as much as they want, in the can. At the end of the shower whoever guesses the closest amount will get "ALL". When you get a winner, give him or her a bottle of "ALL detergent"! Posted By: Tracy

Name Tag Game - Give each guest a name tag. Each name tag had an interesting word such as diaper, baby food, wipes, nipples, pacifier, receiving blanket, etc. The item on the nametag automatically becomes the guest's new name. If the guests are caught using someone's real name the have to put money (pennies, dollars, or any amount desired) into a special piggy bank for the baby. It was quite funny hearing everyone making comments like, "Is that present from Wipes?" and "Diaper, will you please pass me a napkin?" Submitted By: Julie We sell themed name tags that will match your theme and could work for this game: Personalized Baby Shower Name Tags

4. Co-Ed Baby Shower Games

The new popular trend is co-ed baby showers. These showers aren't just for mommy anymore; these showers are even fun and exciting for the soon-to-be daddy! These co-ed baby shower games will help involve all of your shower guests and have everyone laughing hysterically.

Make A Baby - Pair up the guests into groups of two or couples. Give the guests play dough and toothpicks. Blindfold them and have them work together to create a baby out of the toothpicks and play dough. The hostess picks the winning game.

Pudding Fest - This great co-ed baby shower game involves a few couples and some pudding. Blind fold the couples. Give each couple some vanilla or chocolate pudding and a spoon. Start the timer. One person feeds the other person. The first couple to finish the pudding without spilling any on the floor wins. Submitted By: Juanita

Multi-tasking Dad - Have two people hold up a clothes line. Give the "victim" (male participant) a baby doll to hold, a telephone to talk on, and a basket full of clothes to hang with clothes pins. The timer begins whenever the dad receives a phone call (someone can call him from a cell phone). He must then proceed to have a conversation, hold the baby and hang out the clothes-all at the same time! The man to hang all clothes the quickest wins. Submitted By: Ja'Ponica

Pass the Prize - Make up a list of passing directions before everyone arrives. Here are some examples: Pass to a person with red hair. Pass to a person with glasses. Pass to the person across from you. Count 3 people to your left and pass to that person. Pass to a person who's not wearing socks, etc. etc. You can have as many passing directions as you want. Have your guests stand in a circle and give the gift to someone to start. Start reading out loud the passing directions. Whoever has the gift when you get to the end of the list wins the prize. If it is a big group, you can have two separate circles and a gift for each circle. Submitted By: Kelli

It Takes Two- Get two people and/or couple and have them stand side by side. Each person can only use one had. One person must use their left hand and the other must use their right. Together, they need to assist each other in dressing a baby doll. It's amazing how difficult it is to dress a baby. I guess it goes back to original saying "It takes two!" Posted By: Jenny

Big Belly Race - Blow up some balloons, have all the men in the room (or women) put one under their shirts, and then have a "RACE" to see which one of them can tie their shoes the fastest!
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Fastest Baby Bottle Drinker - Have a few baby bottles filled with something ready to drink. Have your guests willing to participate line up in a row. Hand out the baby bottles. On your mark, have the guests chug the baby bottle. The person who is done drinking first is the winner! (Please note it is more difficult to drink out of a baby bottle then you think, so the smaller baby bottles are best to use.)
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Baby in the Cake Game - Bake cupcakes of any flavor. Just before the cupcakes are done place a small baby doll (usually found at craft stores) in one of the cupcakes and continue to bake them (the baby will not melt). Upon arriving at the shower, make sure everyone receives a cupcake. At any time during the shower tell everyone to eat their cupcake. The person who has the baby in their cupcake wins a prize.
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Baby Changing Game - Create a dirty diaper with peanut butter or chocolate and put the diaper on a fake baby. Have the dads change the dirty diaper, clean the baby with baby wipes, and put on a clean diaper. Whoever changes the baby the cleanest and the fastest wins. Submitted By: Juan

Bobbing for Candy Bars- Play this game as a relay. Have 2 teams lined up. Across the room have two baby tubs with water and the same number of miniature candy bars floating in each of them. Jokingly, tell the guests that the baby had an accident taking a bath. Each guest runs to the tub, bobs for a candy bar, and runs back to their team. The next person in line goes. The team to get all of the candy bars out of the tub the fastest wins! Submitted By: Rachelle

Baby Stroller Race - Set up a course outside using a hose, yard decorations, trees, and any other outdoor items that a stroller can navigate around. Make the course as long as you desire with curves or turns. Time the male guests as they navigate the course with the baby doll in the stroller, deducting points for going off course, losing control, or throwing the baby doll from the stroller. To make it more interesting, you can schedule a pit stop half way through the course where they have to stop, feed & burp the baby, change the diaper or rock the baby to sleep. The winner is the one who completes the course with the quickest time with the baby doll still in the stroller.

Pregnant Twister - Have a twister game, 2 fanny packs, 2 -10lb weights, and 2 pillows. Place the weights in the fanny packs; strap the fanny pack around the pillow around the stomach of the men at the shower. The men will compete one-on-one against each other until they lose. The winners of each round will advance to the next level. The last one standing is the winner!

5. Large Group Baby Shower Games

Getting every guest to participate in games is difficult, especially when games are limited to a certain amount of people. We've compiled a list of games perfect for large baby shower gatherings. These baby shower games are fun for the young guests, the old guests, both male and female guests!

Pass the Present Game - Have three separate presents wrapped up in several boxes. Each present can have more or less boxes then the other two. Pick 8 guests (or have three guests volunteer for a game) & have them sit in a circle. Spread the three gifts amongst the circle. Have someone stand by the music to turn on/off. As the music plays they must keep passing the presents clockwise. Some will pass faster and some will pass slower. When the music stops, whoever is holding a present gets to open the first box. After the first box around the presents is open, start the music again. Keep playing until the presents are revealed. The three guests holding the revealed gift keeps the present. Submitted By: Eshana

Stand Up, Sit Down - All of the guests stand up and the mommy-to-be turns her back to the people. Have the mommy start reading statements outloud: If anyone has red nail polish on, sit down. If you have lip stick on, sit down. If you have sandals on, sit down. This continues until only one person is left standing. Submitted By: Carol

Prize Exchange Game - Put simple party favors or small gifts on a tray. Have one extra special favor mixed in. Have the guests pass around the tray picking only one. Have the hostess ask questions about the mom-to-be such as her favorite movie, her middle name, shoe size, etc. Whoever answered the first question correctly can exchange her gift with someone else's gift. Ask as many questions as desired exchanges. Submitted By: Cynthia

Heavy Purse - Have a scale and weigh everyone's purse. The guest with the heaviest purse wins a prize. Submitted By: Susan H

Baby Shower Bingo - Just before the mommy is about to open gifts, hand the guests a blank bingo card and have them fill out their squares with baby items the mommy may receive (blankets, wipes, washcloths, diapers). As the mom-to-be opens the gifts, cross off the item opened on the bingo card. The first one to have blackout wins!
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Baby Picture Match - Have your guests each bring a baby picture of themselves. Pass around the baby pictures and see which guests can match the person at the shower with the baby picture. Whoever guesses the most correctly is the winner!

Clothespin Game - To play, you will need the following: blue or pink clothes pins (boy or girl) and a long string of yarn. Place all the clothes pins on the string. Whoever can take off the most clothes pins with one hand and without dropping any wins!
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Tic-Tac-Toe Farm Animals - Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Have them draw a tic-tac-toe grid on their paper. Each guest chooses 9 different numbers between 1-20 and writes each number in a square on the tic-tac-toe grid. At the bottom of the paper, have them write their favorite farm animal (Example: cow). Hostess calls out numbers between 1-20 at random (Example: 2-10-5-19). Every time a number on your tic-tac-toe grid is called, make the sound of the animal you wrote down (moo). Your baby shower will erupt into numerous animal noises. First to make a blackout wins. Submitted By: Del

Fun With Pencils - Have pencils all of the same color at your shower the guests can decorate with ribbons, stickers, pom-pom balls, glitter, or any other materials you desire. Once the guests decorate their pencil, they can be used to play the baby shower games. Have one pencil different from the rest; either it's a different color or has a number written on it. At the end of the shower, whoever has the one-of-a-kind pencil wins a door prize. The quests can then keep the decorated pencil to take home. Submitted By: Renee
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Who's Your Mommy? - Make a list of baby animals (colt) then ask each guest to guess the animal Mommy's name (horse). It is amazing how many people really don't know.

Timer Gift Game - When the mom-to-be is opening her gifts, have a timer set to go off every ten minutes. More or less time can be used depending on how many gifts there are. When the timer goes off, the person's gift that the mom-to-be is opening gets a prize. Submitted By: Kim

Nursery Rhyme Quiz- Get a book of nursery rhymes and write down the first few lines on a piece of paper. Make enough copies for all of your guests and see who can complete the rhymes. You can do this with many different rhymes and see who can remember the most.

6. Funny Baby Shower Games

These games will surely break the ice and leave your guests laughing until their stomachs hurt. Your guests will rave about how fun your shower was because of the baby shower games. Silly, entertaining, and downright hilarious, these games will make memories that'll last a lifetime.

Singing Nursery Rhyme Puzzle - Group your guests who are willing to participate into five or six teams of people. Every group gets an envelope. Inside every envelope is a puzzle featuring a nursery rhyme. Each group competes to put the nursery rhyme puzzle together the fastest. The first group to put it together wins. But there's a catch, whoever finishes first has to stand up (as a group) and sing the nursery rhyme. It was hilarious! People were so happy they won until you tell them that they have to get up and sing. Submitted By: Kaneohe

Bobbing For Cotton Balls - All you need is a jar of vaseline, a medium platter, and cotton balls. Put the cotton balls on the platter and have a guest come up one at a time to the table. Have them put a dab of vaseline on the tip of their nose. With their hands behind their backs, give them a minute to bob for cotton balls. Every time they get a cotton ball, they will neeto blow off or shake off the cotton ball to stick more cotton balls. Keep a tally sheet with the guests' names and how many cotton balls they collected. The one with the most cotton balls on the floor wins. Submitted By: Robbi

Bobbing for Nipples - Buy several packages of baby bottle nipples and put them into a baby bath tub full of water and play just like bobbing for apples.

Things You Don't Need- Give every guest a paper bag and have them put the paper bag on over their head. No peaking. Tell everyone to take off an item they don't need. Rings, bracelets, scarves, and shoes will come off. Continue asking the same question until someone realizes that they do not need the paper bag! You would be shocked how long this game goes! Whoever removes the paper bag first wins.

Hot Pacifier - This game is similar to Hot Potato. Have your guests divide into groups and form into a line. Depending on how many guests you have, you can have several small groups or a few large groups. Each guest gets chopsticks and the first person in each group will start with a pacifier. The object of the game is to see who passes the pacifier to the end of the line first. The group who passes the pacifier the fastest, without the use of their hands, wins!

Drop the Dime - You will need some dimes and a jar big enough for the dimes to fit. Place the jar across the room. Have your guests place a dime between their knees and walk to the jar and try to drop the dime into the jar. Turn this into a game with teams. Whose ever team finishes first wins! Submitted By: Julie K.

Draw A Pregnant Lady Game- Each guest takes a turn drawing with a marker on a piece of paper, as best as they can, their version of a pregnant lady. The trick is they cannot see what they are drawing. They have to hold it in their lap facing the rest of the guests. The mom-to-be can keep all those drawings for a scrapbook.

Gum Baby - Give all the guests a stick of chewing gum. Have them shape a baby the best way they can using the non-chewed gum. Whoever makes the best looking baby wins!

The Cotton Ball Game - Blind fold two baby shower guests and give them each a big cooking spoon and a bowl. Have the two people get onto their hands and knees. Throw the cotton balls in between them. With their hands behind their backs, they have a minute to scoop up the cotton balls with the spoon in their mouths and place them in their bowl. The one who has the most wins. Submitted By: Corina

What's In A Purse? - First you have the mother-to-be make a list of things not normally found in a purse. (Examples: Spoon, a utility bill, nail polish, a photo, a Q-tip, etc.) Read off the list in front of your guests. The first person who shouts out "I've got that!" wins. You can have a winner for each item if you'd like. Submitted By: Linda

Pins In The Rice - Fill up a large-sized bowl with uncooked rice. Mix in a bunch of safety pins. Blind fold each player and the one who can pull out the most pins in a given time wins! Submitted By: Diana

Whose Baby Is Born First? - Go to a craft store and buy some of those little plastic babies that you can use on decorations. Fill up some ice trays then drop the little babies in them. Put them in the freezer and make sure they freeze all the way. When you guests arrive, give them a small plastic cup with an ice cube in it. The object of the game is to see whose baby is born first without taking the baby out of the cup. It is so funny to see people try to defrost that little baby. Submitted By: Shawnda
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Mystery Guest Game Secretly, invite a friend that neither the host nor any of the guests have ever met. Give her a large purse or bag with about 20 things inside; some should be odd or funny as well as a few regular purse things. Just as you have everyone seated, announce that you are going to get started. Just as everyone starts to get quiet, your "unexpected guest" should enter and look confused. Have her come up to you or the host and ask if this is Sue's Wedding Shower. Tell her no and ask where she is supposed to be. Have her search her purse for an invitation to "Sue's Wedding Shower". When doing this, have her empty all of the contents on the head table waving a few around, clumsily and loudly. Have her act embarrassed and apologetic. She will then pull out an invitation with the address a few numbers off of where you are. Give her directions and have her clean up and leave. Everyone will be talking and laughing. Give them a few minutes to gather themselves then bring the guest back. Introduce your friend and "unexpected guest" then have the guests write down as many things as they can that were in the purse. Submitted by: Dana

Potato Drop - You will need 2 potatoes and 2 jars of the same size. The potatoes must be able to fit into the jars. Place the jars on the floor across the room. Have two people compete, racing to put the potato into the jar with their knees. The players cannot use their hands! Whoever gets their potato in the jar first wins. Submitted By: Mary

The Cucumber Game -This game is similar to musical chairs. Get a large cucumber and have your guests stand in a circle. With someone running the music, the first person must put the cucumber between their legs and pass it on to the next person. Keep passing until the music stops. Whoever has the cucumber when the music stops is out of the game. To make it more difficult, have anyone who drops the cucumber disqualified too. The last person with the cucumber wins the game. Submitted by: Angie

Blindfolded Baby Feed - Pair up 2 people and blind fold each of them. Have them get down on the floor on their hands and knees. Give one of them a jar of baby food and a baby spoon and have them stick the handle of the spoon in their mouth. This person tries and feeds the other person while they are both blind folded! Have multiple groups competing against each other. The food must make it into their mouth. The group that finishes first wins! Submitted By: Heather

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