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How To Throw A Gender Reveal Baby Shower

How To Throw A Gender Reveal Baby Shower

How to Plan a Gender Reveal Baby Shower with BabyShowerStuff.com's Unique Gender Reveal Baby Shower Theme!

Discovering whether your baby will be a boy or a girl is an exciting step for any parent-to-be, but finding out along with your closest friends and family members at a gender reveal party is a unique and trendy way to commemorate such a significant moment while creating lasting memories for everyone! With the help of BabyShowerStuff.com's party planning experts, and their own one-of-a-kind Gender Reveal party theme, you can easily plan a festive, modern gender reveal party - and start creating those wonderful memories!

Begin by...

Having your ultrasound! Start the planning process by determining your baby's gender. This may be the most difficult part, as you'll have to resist finding out right away. Instead, having your doctor write down the baby's gender on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. (And don't peek - you'll want to be surprised with your guests!)


Determine how you'll conduct the big reveal. This is where the fun begins! There are so many creative methods for revealing your baby's gender, and the method you choose will determine who your secret envelope goes to. Among our favorite gender reveal ideas are:
  • Revealing your baby's gender by biting into a baked goody filled with pink or blue frosting. If you decide to use this method, then the envelope will go to your baker so he or she can create cupcakes, cake pops, or a cake that's filled with pink or blue frosting. You can even have everyone take a bite at the same time! With this method, your bundle of joy's gender will be discovered in a wonderfully delicious moment.

  • Revealing your baby's gender by releasing helium-filled balloons. If you decide to use this method, then the envelope will go to whoever you've chosen to purchase the balloons so they know to select blue or pink. You can definitely help them decorate the box from which the balloons will be released, but that's it - it's their job to inflate them with helium and secure them inside the box. When you're ready for the big reveal, just open the box and watch for pink or blue balloons to float out! You'll definitely want to make sure someone has a camera ready at that moment - it makes for a fabulous photo opportunity!

  • Revealing the baby's gender by opening a confetti-filled lantern. If you decide to use this method, then the envelope will go to whoever you've chosen to create or purchase the confetti lantern. Just make sure that you don't "cheat" by helping fill the lantern. This method makes for a spectacular photo opportunity as well!
Determine your party date. Since most gender-revealing ultrasounds occur around 18-20 weeks, your party could happen any time after the mom-to-be's fifth month of pregnancy. We see most gender reveal parties being held in addition to baby showers, so you'll want to consider having a gender reveal party one month and a baby shower four to six weeks later! You're in for such a fun time.

Choose your gender reveal party theme! Now that the basics are taken care of, you can let your creativity shine with this step! BabyShowerStuff.com's new Gender Reveal baby shower theme includes everything from invitations and banners to table decorations, candy buffet supplies, and an assortment of do-it-yourself party supplies. Go all out with gender-specific colors to set the scene, then have fun selecting the decorations you'll need to create "boy" and "girl" sides of your party space. The items available in this unique collection will make finding the perfect decorations a breeze.

Gender Reveal

Mail your invitations! BabyShowerStuff.com's party-planning experts recommend mailing your gender reveal invitations about a month before the party. Use the personalized text lines to provide details like the date, time, location and RSVP information, but be creative, too! One of our favorite gender reveal invitation tips is to have guests vote for the baby's gender by arriving in pink or blue, and we've included sample gender reveal invitation wording with that request below:

A gift of love, a bundle of joy,
Be the first to know if it's a girl or a boy!
A Gender Reveal Party in Honor of...
Ashley & David Smith
September 27th
2:00 p.m.
The Smith Home
1300 Broadway Heights
San Jose, CA
Hosted by:
Beth, Donna, & Kerry
Please RSVP by March 8th
Show us what you think! Come dressed in either blue or pink!

Tip: Should you bring gifts to a gender reveal party? If your gender reveal party is being held in addition to a baby shower, the party-planning experts at BabyShowerStuff.com feel that gifts are not necessary. You can express that thought right on your invitations using this adorable phrase:

Join us to find out if it'll be a he or a she!
Just bring yourself; no gifts are necessary.

Prepare your menu. There are tons of totally "sweet" pink and blue food options, and one of our favorite gender reveal food ideas is a pink and blue candy buffet! BabyShowerStuff.com has pink and blue cupcake decorations, candy stands, candy bouquets, even personalized cookies and brownies, all of which coordinates with their Gender Reveal baby shower theme. You can display treats on stands and tiers of different heights, and use themed stickers and tags to label your food. What a fun way to create an eye-catching display for your party space while providing your guests with some tasty treats to enjoy as they socialize!

Gender Reveal

Plan your decorations. Now that your theme is chosen and the menu prepared, you can start selecting specific decorations for your party space! Select gender-specific items like table covers, balloons, streamers, and honeycomb balls to transform the room into a pink and blue haven, then pick out themed decorations from BabyShowerStuff.com's Gender Reveal baby shower theme to create specific "Team Pink" and "Team Blue" sections, a pink and blue candy buffet, eye-catching entryway, etc. The more decorations you have, the more festive your party will be, so go crazy!

Gender Reveal

Instead of a guest book... Display a chalkboard or whiteboard on a table and encourage guests to sign their names to the gender they're "rooting" for. You can even use personalized gender reveal baby shower name tag stickers or make your own gender reveal party pins using this this easy do-it-yourself tutorial. Once the baby's gender is revealed, a photo of the winning "team" can be taken for your baby book!

Gender Reveal

Whether you invite everyone you know to a lavishly decorated celebration or gather just your immediate friends and family for a low-key yet festive event, your guests will be honored to help celebrate such a milestone occasion with you. Let BabyShowerStuff.com's party-planning experts help make your gender reveal baby shower truly memorable!

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