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How To Tie A Bow

How To Tie A Bow

EMILY: Ah this is so hard. I really wish that someone could show me how to tie a bow. Show me how to tie a bow [echos].

ANOUNCER: When you're party’s in trouble, there's only one person to call. Remarkable Man, the party planning superhero!

EMILY: Ah! Remarkable Man. Thank goodness you're here! You've got to know how to tie a bow.

REMARKABLE MAN: Why of course I do, I am Remarkable Man! Let me show you! Start with a tail of ribbon hanging off the top and warp the ribbon under the box, keeping it flat. While holding the ribbon in place, wrap the ribbon in the opposite direction. Then take the tail and loop in the center. Now it's time to make the bow. Start with the top of the package towards you. This might seem weird but you'll actually be tying the bow upside down. Make two loops with the ribbon and tie them together. Adjust the bow to make both loops even and then cut off the extra tails at an angle. Now you have the perfect bow. It's that easy!

EMILY: Wow now I totally get it.

REMARKABLE MAN: Now let's get this party dotified!

[Superhero Music plays with Superhero Noise]

EMILY: Wow Remarkable Man! All of my party supplies have gone from bland to bowtastic! Check out these baby shower favors. The bows just totally dress them up.

REMARKABLE MAN: No Problem it's my job!

EMILY: We'll it all looks fabulous.

REMARKABLE MAN: You're welcome! Now I must be on my way to go save other parties.

EMILY: Good bye

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How To Tie A Bow

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