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How To Make A Diaper Cake Video

How To Make A Diaper Cake Video

Hi, my name is Steven Keller and I work for the Big Dot of Happiness. Today Iím going to be showing you how to make diaper cakes. [Tires Screeching] Iím sorry, this just doesnít feel right. Iím gonna change clothes real quick, Iíll be right back and then we can start working.

Hey Iím back, feeling a little more comfortable with myself. Letís get cracking. First and for most letís go thru what youíre gonna need to build the cake. Obviously itís a diaper cake; youíre going to need some diapers. I think youíre going to need sixty three of them in able to build a three tier. And youíre also going to need numerous rubber bands, a few safety pins, some strings to tie off each layer. Youíre also going to need a tube for the core of the cake. You can use a paper towel roll, you can use the inside of gift wrapping paper and then youíll just cut a line down the center of it so youíll have a little bit of room to flex it out and put some diapers on the inside. Also youíre going to need a glue gun, preferably low temp, donít want you burning yourselves. Youíre also going to need a base for your cake. You can get these at your craft section of most stores such as Wal-Mart. And a pair of scissors.

You can decorate your diaper cake however you want to but we are going to show you how we do it. You pick up at your everyday craft store any two inch thick ribbon for decoration. Also youĎre going to want to put together a little trinket for the top of your cake whether itís a cute little toy, baby rattle, baby bottle. We put together a little bow out of the ribbon just so everything kind of ties in.

Let's get started on building the cake. First step is we're going to have to roll the diapers enable to get them into the form to build the cake. Basically just take your diaper, lay it out on the table, and then we are going to roll it up in a neat form such as this. You're gonna want each and every diaper you roll to be close to uniform. They don't have to be identical but you're going to want them to tie in so it's not shaky or loppy or anything like that. Then you're going to take a rubber band and around about 3/4s up, just put a rubber band around it and bam, you're cool.

Now that we have finished rolling our diapers we can proceed with the second step of building your diaper cake. What you're going to do is you're going to take this tube, again that we mentioned in the materials. And now you're going to want to cut it to approximately ten inches long. Again you can take a paper towel roll you can take gift wrapping paper cores. Whatever you want, it's going to work so long as it look like this. What you're going to do is you're going to take three of your diapers that you just rolled, take the rubber band off the them and kind of spread the cut that you put down the center of it. Simply slide the diaper into the center of the core and we're going to do that two more times. [Up beat music] Now when you get the three diapers in there, the top one is going to stick out a little bit but you want that. That's good cause otherwise when you finish the diaper cake the cardboard could stick out at the top and we don't want that, cause you gotta have a classy diaper cake. What you're gonna do once you get the three diapers in here we are good to start building our cake. This here acts as the core of the cake and therefore all of the diapers will be built around it. So what you're going to do to start off is take a rubber band and slide it to the bottom of the form. Then you're going to start taking diapers and simply placing them around the core between the rubber band and the core itself. And then when you complete a row, which will be six diapers. It goes six, twelve, eighteen; increments of six. You're going to cut off a little string and then proceed to tie a double knot around the diapers as tight as you can get it. Enable to keep the diapers firm in place. Alright, basically what we did was is we just proceed with adding six diapers to each layer and then moved upwards and put two rows worth of diapers here. So we have our three tier, two tier and now we're going to work on our first tier. Just finish her up. Just take your last six diapers that you're going need and wrap them around the top. Take a little bit of string, And again you want your knots tied really tight otherwise your cake could very well fall apart where ever you're bringing it. Cut off the end of the strings; make it look real nice and neat. Take those rubber bands off and voile, we have our cake form and we are ready to proceed with decorating.

Now what we're going to do is we're going to start decorating the form of the diaper cake by taking the ribbon we cut, folded the edge over so it looks professional, and we're just going to simply wrap it around each layer of diapers. And what you're going to do is you're gonna find a crease of diapers, simply pull the ribbon as tight as you can, take one of your safety pins and in between that crease of where the diapers are, you're going to slide that pin in there like so. Then you're going to go ahead and do that with the next two layers. [Up beat music] Alright once you get your ribbon around each layer what you're gonna want to do is line up your pins vertically and that is going to be the back of the cake. Once you designate the back of the cake just flip it around and voile there the front. Now it is time to take your little trinket, again you can use either a bow. You can throw one of our little signature plush baby rattles on top. Basically anything that's gonna add a little flair to the top of the cake and tie the whole thing in. So what we're going to do is, we just took a little bow that we made up and put it on a chop stick and you can just shove that into the middle of the cake form. No if you just straighten out your ribbon and make it look presentable. That's the completion of your diaper cake.

If you're not as creative as our Steven in making those diaper cakes, we have exactly what you'll need at BigDotOfHappiness.com. We have twenty beautiful themed diaper cakes available for you to choose from and we'll have it delivered to your front door in five to seven days. Thank you for shopping with us and have a Big Dot day!

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