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Refill - 16 Plastic Babies African American

Refill - 16 Plastic Babies African American

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Refill - 16 Plastic Babies African American

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Refill - 16 plastic babies African American are available for large celebrations! When our My Water Broke game isn't quite enough for all your guests or if you have ice cube trays and only need babies, select our refill pack! You'll get 16 babies ready for a party! Put a baby in each cube slot of an ice tray and fill with water. Freeze the water to make ice. On the day of the baby shower, serve refreshments with the special ice. The baby to break free from the ice first is the winner! Refill - 16 plastic babies African American are great additions to games and decorations at any celebration!

16 Plastic Babies - $6.99 - ON SALE FOR $5.99

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Product Reviews:
3 user rated 4.3 out of 5 stars

I tried to push the babies down in the ice cube tray and they float to the top! When I kept pushing them snug down they would pop back up and the final cubes had the baby's arms and legs sticking out. Cute idea though. - Rose

I am using these for a baby shower game. I am inviting 40 guests so I needed to purchase extras. I am so happy to see African-American babies. You don't see that at many stores so this really makes my heart smile. - Centa

I was on-line looking for over the top games to play, something that match my fun persona. When I came across BABYSHOWERSTUFF.COM!!!! I must say when I saw these babies I feel in love with the "MY WATER BROKE" game and so did my guest when I pulled these bad babies; lls out of the freezer and explained the instructions to my party. We all had a ball!!! I went with the refill babies because I had ice trays at home already and I paid less for more with the refill over the 14 babies plus ice tray you sell. Not only was my babyshower hosted on 10/8/2011 the talk of the town it still is and people can't get enough of where did I buy those little babies. I tell them and I inform them that they will arrive exacyly as shipping inform you I even spoke to an online chat expert whom knew me by name once I had given her my order #. I will buy from BIG DOTS again for future parties all the while promoting this website. Thanks alot!!!!!!!! - Kenna

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Refill - 16 Plastic Babies African American

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