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Baby Raffle Tickets - Baby Shower Game

Baby Raffle Tickets - Baby Shower Game

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Baby Raffle Tickets - Baby Shower Game

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Diaper raffles are the hot new baby shower activity this year! Use our baby raffle tickets - baby shower game to ensure your diaper raffle goes off without a hitch! Hand out raffle tickets to each guest who brings a pack of diapers. You could give one ticket per every 5, 10, or 20 diapers they bring. Have them write their name on the tickets and collect them. At some point during the celebration, draw tickets to give away special prizes. Guests will love their odds when they arrive with the all-important diapers! You could pass out tickets for other items as well - bibs, onesies, blankets, and much more!

Baby Raffle Tickets - Baby Shower Game:
  • 150 tickets per package in six designs.
  • Box shown in image not included

Raffle Methods
There are a few different ways to set up a raffle at a baby shower. Tickets for the event can be "sold" based on the basic baby-care items that guests bring, or can be given to everyone who arrives in a manner similar to door prize drawings. One commonly used option is the holding of a "diaper raffle," where an extra ticket is given for every five, 10 or 20 diapers given. The same could be done with single bottles, onesies, pacifiers or even common goods such as soaps, shampoos and lotions. A winning ticket will be drawn toward the end of the baby shower, though some planners may decide to have multiple drawings and give away smaller prizes leading up to the "Grand Prize."

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Product Reviews:
6 user rated 4.3 out of 5 stars

The products I ordered were just as pictured. I am happy with[...]items I purchased. - Sweetles

Everything was perfect. I am very happy with everything I ordered. I will order more the next shower I host. - Marlene

Very cute and fun. Can't wait to use them! - Tammy

We are going to use these at a twins baby shower. Mom will need lots of diapers so this was a great idea. - new grandma

I liked to use these for the raffle because they had cute pictures and fit the theme of the party. However, the material was basically paper and it was difficult to choose a name because they slid into one another. It would be nice to make them a little more durable. I let each person write their names on three of them to give them more of a chance of winning. It was a clever idea. - nanastokes2061

The color on line for our theme isnt as yellow in person. [...] it is too small. - Its Mads World

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