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From planning your first baby shower to Hostess Heroes who plan multiple events every year, everyone can benefit from a party planning checklist. This free baby shower planning guide will make sure you stay on track and within budget in the days leading up to your event. Download and print, then keep it handy to double check all of your baby shower details!

Do you need a little more inspiration before starting? Check out these slideshows of real parties styled by other Big Dot Hostess Heroes!

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Once you are ready to start planning, we have all of your baby shower questions answered! From etiquette questions to food and beverage ideas, and from classic baby showers to co-ed events, we have tips and tricks for every type of baby shower.


Shower Etiquette, Types of Showers
& Organizational Tips


Baby Shower Supplies, Gifts for the Nursery
& Gifts for the Mommy-to-Be


Appetizers, Recipes
& Menu Planning

Baby Shower Ideas


Baby shower etiquette is becoming more and more relaxed than in the past, but there are still certain guidelines most people will expect to be followed.

Who Hosts the Baby Shower for the Mother?

In the past, tradition called for someone completely outside the family of the Mommy-to-Be to host the baby shower. However, it is now considered acceptable for a mother or sister to hold the baby shower and send out invitations, etc. It is not considered good manners for the mother to throw her own baby shower. While the Mommy-to-Be can certainly have a say in certain things and the hostess will get the guest list from her, the party is for her so it shouldn't be given by her.

Who is invited to the Baby Shower?

Sometimes a mother will have more than one baby shower if people from a certain circle want to host a specific event for her; she may have a baby shower at work and one at church. Sometimes the hostess will want a small gathering of a particular group of people. Other times, the baby shower hostess will ask the Mommy-to-Be for a list of friends and family she wants to include in the event. Couples baby showers are becoming increasingly more popular as well. There are many co-ed games that you can play that will include both the men and women.

Should a Mommy-to-Be Get a Baby Shower for her Second (or Third, or....) Baby?

While this may not make Miss Manners happy, my emphatic answer is YES! Every baby is a blessing and should be celebrated as the unique arrival to the world that he or she is. Without going into specifics of a baby shower for an experienced mother, think about what she will definitely need. Not only can she register for baby items she may not have received with the first baby, there are other items she'll be more in need of for a second or third time mother. Consider giving diapers in multiple sizes, baby wipes, and other perishables. Many mothers will also appreciate frozen meals ready to go since they will notonly have a newborn infant to deal with, but also an older child to feed as well.

Gifts, Registries, and Thank You Notes

Gifts should be opened at the baby shower during the party so guests can see the mother appreciate the gift and other attendees can see what was given. The exception to this rule is, if the mother is given money directly, a greeting card can be mailed directly to their house. Gift cards are acceptable to open at a baby shower but are not passed around the room, nor is the amount disclosed to the other guests.

Baby registries are very useful ways for friends of the expectant parents to know what baby items are needed and themes that are desired. While it may have been considered bad etiquette to include gift registry information in the baby shower invitation in past decades, it is now usually considered helpful to do so.

Regardless of the times, thank you notes never go out of style. After the baby shower, the Mommy-to-Be should send thank you notes to her guests within a month. Sometimes the hostess can have the guests pre-address envelopes for the mother, and give them to her already stamped and ready to go to make this easier for her. The baby shower hostess should also make sure that someone is in charge of writing down what the mother received and who gave it, in case the cards get separated from the packages.



As with any type of special occasion, it is always a good idea for the host to put together a baby shower budget. It’s true that nobody likes to hear the b-word, but even on a budget, a host can throw a baby shower that everyone will remember. Sure it’s important that the guests have fun, but a baby shower is first and foremost about being together with the people that mean the most to the Mommy-to-Be.

Budgeting for a baby shower is one of the first considerations many hosts have to think about. It is also one of the most difficult to arrange. Your budget determines the whole event. From the number of guests you are planning to have to the location for the party. By setting a budget, you will not find yourself bankrupt and still have a successful party.

When budgeting for a baby shower, you first have to estimate how many guests you are planning to have for the event. Will it be strictly for close friends and family, or will you be inviting neighbors and colleagues? Is the shower only for women? Once you have decided on the number of people, you can now set the budget. Another important consideration when setting a baby shower budget is the food. Of course, this will come after the number of guests has been finalized.

If you find the budget for the shower a bit too expensive, you should either lower the number of the people you’ve invited or look for a co-host to help you finance the event. There are also ways on how you can save money, so your budget will be sufficient. Here are several suggestions to help you lower your baby shower budget:

  • Renting restaurants or hotel function rooms can be expensive. It’s better if you just hold the party at your own, a friend’s, or family member’s home.
  • Schedule the baby shower during snack time, such as early afternoon. By doing so, you don’t have to serve full meals. Finger foods and appetizers will suffice.
  • You don’t need expensive party favors. Simple, but useful ones will do, such as candles or soaps.
  • Keep your guest list small to include immediate family and close friends.
  • Co-host the baby shower with a family member or friend(s).

Benefits of Co-Hosting a Shower

Co-hosting, or having several baby shower hosts instead of just one, is becoming a popular option. When a baby shower will be co-hosted by several people, generally they all will share the costs. Together, the co-hosts decide who will cover the different expenses involved with the shower. Another option, but one that’s sometimes more difficult to control, is to pool the co-hosts’ money together and use it jointly. Each host contributes a mutually-agreed upon amount to the shower fund and the expenditures are deducted from that joint funding.

Asking others to help fund a baby shower is something that must be handled with tact. It’s never a good idea to ask the Mommy-to-Be or her partner to help with expenses nor is it appropriate to ask someone who is struggling financially.

It’s always much easier when others who are close to the expectant mother volunteer their assistance, rather than having to ask for it. In these situations, the host should not feel bad about accepting money or anything else they’re offering.

Besides money, there are other ways people can help. They can bring food and drinks (potlucks are still popular) or they can contribute their time rather than their money, all of which will be a tremendous help to the baby shower host. Be sure to factor in other people’s help, whether financial or otherwise, when planning a baby shower budget.

Hostess Check List

You can review the below information or print a checklist by clicking on the image at the top of this page.

1-2 Months Before the Baby Shower

  • Talk to the Mommy-to-Be and decide on the date for the shower.
  • Choose a location for the shower. If it is going to be in a public place, call for a reservation.
  • Decide on a theme for the shower.
  • Decide on the number of guests you will be inviting.
  • Have the Mommy-to-Be create a guest list with names and addresses of whom she wants to attend.
  • Plan the games and activities you want to do.
  • Make a list of the food and drinks you want to serve and start the grocery list. If you are planning on having it catered, call and make arrangements with the caterer.
  • Choose the invitations. Get your guests pumped with the theme of the shower and build on that.

2-3 Weeks Before the Baby Shower

  • Finalize the menu.
  • Send out your invitations (this can be done a week earlier). Remember to include directions.
  • Call to order the cake.
  • Order your decorations (banners, balloons, streamers, diaper cakes) and your games that you will be playing.
  • Order your party favors and game winner prizes (try and order ones that will keep within the “theme” of the shower).

One Week Before the Baby Shower

  • Gather enough chairs and tables for your event. Make sure you have a comfortable chair for the Mommy-to-Be.
  • If you requested your guests to RSVP, make a final count. Phone calls are OK to those who have yet to RSVP.
  • Confirm reservations, if required.
  • Make sure you have a camera on hand. If its digital, have a full charge. Or you can purchase disposable cameras and leave them around for the guests to take pictures during the baby shower.
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house.

One Week Before the Baby Shower

  • Gather enough chairs and tables for your event. Make sure you have a comfortable chair for the Mommy-to-Be.
  • If you requested your guests to RSVP, make a final count. Phone calls are OK to those who have yet to RSVP.
  • Confirm reservations, if required.
  • Make sure you have a camera on hand. If its digital, have a full charge. Or you can purchase disposable cameras and leave them around for the guests to take pictures during the baby shower.
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house.

The Day Before the Baby Shower

  • Review the games (make sure you know how they are played).
  • Pick up the cake and any last minute food items (ice).
  • Chill the beverages.
  • Picture how the shower is going to go!


  • Have your balloons inflated. You might want to place some at the end of your road and driveway to help guide guests to your house.
  • Have a notebook handy to keep track of the gifts.
  • Set out the beverages, glasses, and ice.
  • Set out the food (use a plastic tub filled with ice and place the food dishes on top of the ice).
  • Greet your guests with a smile.
  • Enjoy the party, you’ve worked hard and deserve it!




It’s quite overwhelming when you are trying to organize a baby shower - there’s usually so much to do and so little time to do it in, plus you just never know if the “bundle of joy” is going to wait to make his/her appearance. Normally a baby shower is planned 1-2 months prior to the celebration. Let’s be practical though… Last minute showers seem to be poopular too. We are so busy with everyday activities that a shower can totally slip our minds. Even those last minute showers can be pulled off without a hitch IF you are organized.

Pick a Theme

Choose a fun theme. Even though a baby shower has its own built-in theme, be adventurous and plan something spectacular that everyone will remember. Let your creativity flow. There is a baby shower theme to perfectly suit Mommy-to-Be's personality.


Get a list from the Mommy-to-Be of whom she would like at her shower. Send invitations out approximately one month before the event. Depending on your menu, you may want to include a RSVP date.


Don’t feel obligated to come up with games just to “pass the time away.” Baby shower guests should feel welcome to chat and mingle with other guests and the Mommy-to-Be. Depending on your time frame, choose 2-3 games that all the guests will enjoy. Make sure that you don’t purchase any that will offend the Mommy-to-Be or the guests.


Most hostesses will purchase a favor that their guests can take home with them as a keepsake from the shower. For instance, a lip balm or a candy bar with a personalized wrapper. Favors are also used for prizes for the games you play. These favors can be a little more expensive since you are purchasing just a few.


You will want to show off a certain theme, therefore you will need to coordinate your decorations with that theme. Purchase banners, tableware and balloons to match!



Remember the word GIGGLE when planning your baby shower!

G = Guest List
Be sure to invite all of the Mommy-to-Be’s friends, co-workers and family. So you do not leave anyone out, ask the Mommy-to-Be to provide you with a list of names.

I = Invitations
Invitations should be sent out at least one month in advance. Know your theme and order your invitations around that theme – then coordinate your favors, tableware and decorations around the same theme.

G = Games
There are so many baby shower game ideas that you can play at your shower. You should take into consideration the number of guests, the location and the time frame of the shower when determining how many games to play. For those that are invited that cannot attend, you can include them by using scratch off games and sending them a card that they can scratch off too. It will make them feel like they are still part of the shower!

G = Great Food
Don’t spend too much time “stewing” over what to serve your guests. If you are hosting the shower in your home, go with simple finger foods like veggie & fruit trays, fresh fruit yogurt bar, mashed potato bar, mini pizza’s, tortilla wraps or mini sandwiches. If you are having an elegant sit down meal, the caterer will usually plan a meal around your theme. No matter what type of food you decide to serve, make sure there is enough of it. You don’t want to run out.

L = Location
Make sure that you are holding the shower in an area large enough to accommodate all the guests you have invited. You will save money by hosting it at your home versus a banquet hall. If you decide to host it at an outside venue, call ahead to make your reservations and make sure you inquire about decorating. Some venues have rules that won’t allow you to decorate. If you aren’t allowed to decorate, they might let you get your own placemats that are theme you enjoy. Regardless of the atmosphere, make sure that they will be serving foods that the Mommy-to-Be and your guests will enjoy.

E = Expectant Mom
The shower is in celebration for the Mommy and her new baby. You want to keep her as comfortable as you can throughout the shower. Make sure that you have a comfortable chair that she can sit in and be relaxed during the event. If the shower is not a surprise, it’s a good idea to talk with the expectant mom and find out what she is going to be feeling like doing as far as games and food.

Useful Tips

The goal of a baby shower is for the Mommy-to-Be to have the support of her closest friends and family. Keep her interests in mind when planning her shower.

  • Plan ahead. Get your invitations out as early as possible.
  • Make all the guests feel comfortable. Great each guest as she enters and make the appropriate introductions. Provide name tags so that everybody can identify the other guests as they might not know each other.
  • Choose a theme that fits the shower’s personality. The theme can be carried out with the invitations, games, shower favors and the menu. Consider useful decorations and centerpieces that can be given to the mother after the shower.
  • Instead of having a traditional guestbook, order one of our banners and have your guests sign it. The Mommy-to-Be can then hang the banner up at the hospital as well as in the baby’s room at home.
  • Purchase shower games where the guests will be able to interact with each other. A great game to start the shower with is our “My Water Broke” game. Freeze the babies in the ice cube trays the night before. When all your guests arrive, hand them an ice cube and let their imagination run wild with how they are going to melt the ice cube and get their baby out. The winner is the one whose baby is “born” first. Warning: This game creates serious laughter!!
  • Be sure to have enough shower favors on hand. A few extra is good in case you have last minute guests show up.
  • When it’s time for the gift opening, have the Mommy-to-Be sitting in a comfortable chair and bring the gifts to her. Have someone designated to keep track of which guest gave her what gift. You could hand thank you cards to the guests so they can fill in their mailing address.
  • Start the shower on time. You will be surprised at how long it can take to eat, play games, open gifts and eat cake.
  • Walk each guest to the door and thank them again for coming to the shower. It makes them each feel extra special for attending.

Jokes...Have some humor at your baby shower!

Q: Am I more likely to get pregnant if my husband wears boxers or briefs?
A: You'll have an even better chance if he doesn't wear anything at all.

Q: I'm two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you're pregnant.

Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word "alimony" means anything to you.

Q: How will I know if my vomiting is morning sickness or the flu?
A: If it's the flu, you'll get better.

Q: The more pregnant I get, the more often strangers smile at me. Why?
A: Because you're fatter than they are.

Q: My childbirth instructor says it is not pain I'll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q: How does one sanitize nipples?
A: Bathe daily and wear a clean bra. It beats boiling them in a saucepan.

Q: What are night terrors?
A: Frightening episodes in which the new mother dreams she's pregnant again.

Q: What happens to disposable diapers after they're thrown away?
A: They are stored in a silo in the Midwest, in the event of global chemical warfare.




The Big Dot Fanatics are bursting with so many of their own ideas that we had to make sure we shared them!

  • Games make an excellent ice breaker when guests don’t know each other.
  • Don’t embarrass the Mommy-to-Be. Make sure that you pick appropriate games for her personality. Embarrassment may lead to hard feelings.
  • Plant a small tree or purchase a faux tree. Place clips on branches and have each guest each place a dollar bill on the branches and then give to the Mommy-to-Be.
  • Purchase disposable cameras to hand out to guests and let them have fun taking memorable pictures for the Mommy-to-Be.
  • Wrap small favors to award to the game winners. Guests always love surprises. For an icebreaker, the hostess can make up some questions that she can ask the guests after they have all arrived (such as: funniest thing your baby has done, the most frustrating part of being a new parent).
  • Put our round personalized sticker labels on a toothpick and stick them in cupcakes (use the one that coordinates with the party theme). To make it even easier, use our decorative cupcake picks.
  • Our banners make great keepsakes. Have the guests write a special wish to the baby and use it in place of a guestbook.
  • Pass out ‘thank you” card envelopes so guests can self address them for the Mommy-to-Be. Then draw from these for a door prize.
  • Arrange each guest to have their picture taken with the Mommy-to-Be. These pictures can be sent along in the thank yous as well as scrapbooked.
  • A great shower gift for the Mommy-to-Be would be a year subscription to a magazine specifically for parenting.
  • Plan ahead!! Be organized prior to the shower. The shower will run more smoothly and you will have more time to enjoy it.


Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning yoke or connection. Yoga connects your body, mind, and spirit. Yoga can connect you to your baby too! The practice of yoga gives you the opportunity to create a world (your body) for your baby that is healthy and peaceful. Yoga is increasing in popularity as it coordinates movement, breath, and awareness. It addresses health and wellness on several levels: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Because of the many benefits and the pleasure derived from its practice, the art of yoga is becoming increasingly accepted everywhere as part of self-care during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth and motherhood. Yoga holds a number of benefits both before and during pregnancy. However, these practices call for modifications in order to accommodate the growing baby and to protect the placenta. As with any exercise regime, it is recommended to check with your physician first.

The benefits of practicing yoga during pregnancy:

  • Yoga relies primarily on breathing techniques to make the exercise useful. Exhaling and inhaling deeply provides oxygen to the whole body, something that we desperately need during pregnancy. The fetus benefits by the blood pumping in. During this exercise, breathing and moving the body sets the pace – each is incomplete without the other.
  • Yoga helps pre and postnatal depression, basically relaxing the mind and putting a lot of your fears at rest. The biggest advantage to practicing Yoga is that the essential breathing exercises will provide a mental calmness to the Mommy-to-Be. The peace descends to her baby and helps her during the crucial time of childbirth.
  • Mild Yoga exercises help maintain muscle tone, especially for the back and pelvic muscles that take such a tremendous beating during the nine months of pregnancy.
  • Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) also relaxes the mind and body to such an extent that in many cases it even helps during childbirth. The gentle toning and stretching exercises do wonders for preparing the body for delivering the baby.

Yoga Tips:

  • Avoid poses that stretch your muscles too much, particularly the abdominal muscles.
  • Always practice as if your belly is larger than what it is. Adjust your pregnancy yoga practice to a lower intensity and level then your pre-pregnancy one.
  • Avoid any poses that require you to be on your back after the first trimester as that can cut blood flow to the uterus.
  • Avoid jumping, jump-throughs, jump backs or rolling. Step or crawl instead.
  • Perform standing poses with your heel to the wall or use a chair for support to avoid losing your balance.
  • When bending forward, bend from the hips, not the back.
  • The food that you eat, the oxygen that you breathe, and your state of mind are all transmitted to your baby.
  • The stress you feel is the stress that your baby feels.
  • Yoga has developed over thousands of years to help people obtain optimal physical health and a relaxed and peaceful state.



There are many types of baby showers used that can be customized to specific needs and situations.

Baby Sprinkle: This shower is more of a “sprinkle” of gifts rather than a full blown shower. The sprinkle is most often used for a second or third baby to help the mom stock up on the needed supplies.

Mommy Shower: This is a girl-only party that is intended to “pamper” the new mom. This shower is focused more towards getting the mom prepared for the stress and demands of motherhood. It’s usually attended by a close group of friends.

Couples Shower: These are an increasing new popular trend. With this shower, both the moms and dads are invited to attend. Keeping things on a simpler scale often works better if the men are going to be involved. Keep the activities fun for everyone attending.

Adoption Baby Shower: The adoption baby shower is a rewarding end to the very long road of awaiting their child. Any theme is suitable for an adoption shower. For a game, you can make up your own trivia game, based on the baby’s adoption information (specifics about the country, culture, etc.) Decorate your shower to represent the area of the world the baby is coming from.

Grandma Baby Shower: This shower is usually the new grandma’s close friends getting together and “showering” grandma with gifts that she may need when the baby comes to visit.

Office Baby Shower: An office baby shower is usually thrown during the lunch hour or after work in a conference room. Since it is held at work, games are usually quick (baby lotto, scratch off games). Consider inviting the dad if it’s being held at mom’s work.

New Baby Shower (Sip and See): This shower is held after the baby is born and is generally treated like an open house where you would invite guests to come over during a certain time and see the baby and the siblings. Having a cake with punch is all you would really need to serve as people come and go. Have a small favor that they can take home with them to remind them of the special event. For easy decorations, a Banner, some streamers and balloons is generally all that is needed.


When you decide to host a baby shower for both men and women, it is different than if you are hosting a traditional girls-only shower. As with any celebration, keep your guests in mind as you choose everything from invites to games to the food.

Simple tips as you plan a Couples Shower:

  • Make sure plenty of men will be there.
  • Make the invitations guy-friendly and try to refrain from the expression "Jack & Jill."
  • Encourage the couple to register at their favorite stores.
  • Keep the men in mind when selecting baby shower favors and game prizes.
  • Make the games ones that the men will enjoy and want to participate in.
  • When it’s time to open gifts, encourage both parents to open them.
  • On the shower invitations, add a note to bring the dad a “gag gift” from the other guys.

Theme Suggestions for Couple Showers:

Tropical – Host the shower outdoors on a patio. Send out tropical Luau invites. Tiki torches, grass skirts, and Hawaiian shirts - the possibilities are endless

  • Food & Beverage Ideas: Hawaiian grilled chicken, Virgin Pina Coladas, Tropical Fruit Smoothies, Seashell Macaroni Pasta, Fruit Kabobs, etc.
  • Entertainment: Island music such as Jimmy Buffet or Beach Boys
  • Game Idea: Baby Limbo - Strap a pillow around your waist and see who can bend the farthest (not recommended for the Mommy-to-Be)
  • Game Idea: My Water Broke - Hand an ice cube with a frozen plastic baby inside to each couple and let them use their imagination to see how fast they can get their water to “break”

BBQ – Host the shower outside and send out Little Cowboy or Daddy Baby-Q theme invites.

  • Food Ideas: Grilled Corn on the Cob, Steak, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Fruit Salad

Sports – Select a sports-themed invitation, such as Baseball, Football, Soccer, Basketball or All Star Sports. You could host a “tailgating” party and let the men have fun around the grill during "game” time.

  • Food Ideas: Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fruit Salad, Meat & Cheese with crackers.
  • Beverage Ideas: Bottled Gatorade would be a perfect beverage.



Twins can be double the fun and throwing a twins baby shower can be too. We have numerous twins baby shower themes to choose from. Each theme has perfectly matching twins decorations to bring your baby shower to life. We have everything you need from the invitations, games and favors to centerpieces, banners and tableware. When decorating for a twins baby shower, DOUBLE…DOUBLE...DOUBLE!! You can double up on the streamers, balloons and banners as well as using Double Mint gum, Twix candy bars, and Double Stuff Oreos.

If there’s one thing moms of multiples just can’t seem to get enough of, it’s the diapers. Part of your shower can be a diaper drive. Recommend that your guests bring an assortment of sizes including preemie/newborn up to 12 months. Designate a few guests to bring items such as diaper wipes, lotions, bath soap and baby shampoo.



With families and friends living apart, virtual showers are becoming more and more popular. If it’s impossible to have loved ones attend the baby shower, why not consider hosting a virtual shower? A virtual shower an “online gathering” for the expecting parents.

Virtual baby showers are great for the military families that can’t all be at the same place at the same time. A virtual shower will have the expectant parents feel loved and supported during this exciting transition time of their lives. It will allow your guests who cannot attend to still be involved and share in this special day, even from afar. All the traditional games and other elements can still be included in a virtual way. Invitations can be sent out for a virtual showerin the same way as if you were hosting a regular shower. Make sure you include how your virtual showeris going to work and where the expectant parents are registered, as well as any game cards you want to play, such as scratch offs and gift bingo.

If you are going to be setting up an online baby shower, make sure you give instructions with your invitation as to how your guests will sign up as well as the link for the event. Setting up an online shower can be done either by inviting everyone to one chat room or you can find websites set up strictly to accommodate virtual shower. With the latter of the two, there is usually a small fee to get started. However, the majority of these sites have a live chat room, guest book registry, photo albums and even games that make it worthwhile.

Giving gifts for a virtual shower will be a little different than the standard showers. If the expectant parents have registered at online stores, you should have the gift shipped direct to them (if you are not attending). When it comes to them opening their gift, a webcam for those not attending would make them feel as if they are still part of the shower. If a webcam is not an option, have someone take photographs of the Mommy-to-Be opening her gift and include that picture in the thank you.

Playing games at a virtual showercan be adjusted to include everyone. Send any game cards with the invitations. On the day of the shower, everyone can play and show off their winning cards. The winners of the games could receive a gift card to a restaurant or retail store.


Products & Gifts: Baby Shower Supplies, Gifts for the Nursery and the Mommy-to-Be


Simple, easy, elegant, adorable, inexpensive and atmosphere are what you want to think about when deciding on your baby shower decorations. Use a few of them or use them all, depending on your theme, time and budget.

  • Adorable Idea: String a clothes line across the room and use clothes pins to hang little baby clothes, onesies, baby socks, bibs, towels, and more on the line.
  • Balloons are timeless baby shower decorations. Pink for little girls, light blue for baby boys, and yellow for the "To Be Determined" baby.
  • Confetti gives a fun party feel to the room. Sprinkle confetti on the gift table, the serving table, and anywhere else that would look good.
  • Sometimes baby shower decorations look strewn about a room, without anything to unify and pull everything together. Streamers can be strung (with tape) throughout the party room to give your baby shower decorations more color and texture. Streamers that match your baby shower theme colors tie all of the decorations together to look unified and balanced. Be sure to hang them high so they don't get in the way.
  • A personalized baby shower banner is an excellent and affordable decoration. Once the baby shower is over, the Mommy-to-be gets to take the banner home and can decorate the baby's room with it.
  • Use some white tulle and run white, blue or pink twinkle lights through it. Bunch it up every four to five feet (so it looks like a swag valance) and drape it around the room. Accent it with colored bows of your choice.
  • Diaper Cakes: Not sure what these are? Diaper cakes are diapers arranged in multiple tiers to look like a cake, with many small baby products tucked into them. They're very eye-catching gifts, just right for baby showers.
  • Decorate an umbrella in the open position, with blue and pink streamers and hang them so that they cascade over the sides. You can hang it from the ceiling near the gift table or chair where the Mommy-to-Be will be sitting. You can also decorate a rocking chair with streamers, bows, etc. also.

Remember simplicity. When it comes to baby shower decorating ideas, keeping it simple is the key. Do not equate simple with cheap, poor quality, cheesy or tacky. Rather, simple and classy baby shower decorating ideas will add a sweet feel to the baby shower that will give your party a fun, intimate, and memorable mood - AND you will not have to break the bank to do it!


Here are some baby shower invitation ideas that are designed around a theme for the party. The baby shower traditionally includes fun, games and food, but the more meaningful consideration is to support the expectant mother and father with an abundance of good wishes and helpful suggestions. Many baby showers focus on one or two areas of enjoyment that make the shower a party, but the best baby shower invitation ideas also create cherished memories as a gift that lasts for years after the celebration.

Invitation Wording

Wording is very important when you are writing an invitation. Make sure you have the following:

  • Name of New Mother and or Baby
  • Date of the Baby Shower
  • Time of the Baby Shower
  • Place of the Baby Shower with Directions
  • RSVP Name and Phone Number (emails also work)
  • Gift Registeries if the Mommy-to-Be is registered

Be sure to send your baby shower invitaitons out at least one month in advance.


Fun Baby Shower wording Ideas

We reached for the stars, & got an armful of Heaven

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How we wonder what you are

Mom & Dad are filled with joy; help us celebrate their new girl or boy.

Trains & Trucks or Ribbon & Bows….Boy or Girl… No one knows

Cute Little Nose, Sweet Little Smile...A Baby is coming in Just a Short While!

Bottles and Bows…Our Love Overflows… Join us in honor of

Someone Special, Someone Dear, Someone New to Love is Here

Hey Diddle Diddle, Have you seen Mommy-to-Be’s Middle? The baby will soon be here!

We are tickled pink and happy to say… a darling baby girl is on the way!

Well, saddle up you buckaroo…We’ve got a lot of celebratin’ to do!!

The “Pre-Season” is almost over. He/She is almost here. Please help us “kick off” his/her rookie year.


Twins Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Double the hands and double the feet, we’re getting ready for double no sleep!

Twice the footballs and tonka toys, let’s celebrate our precious twin boys!

Twice the dresses, twice the curls, let’s celebrate our precious twin girls!



Are you attending a baby shower and are unsure what to bring the Mommy-to-Be? Most expectant mothers will register at places such as Target, Babies R Us, Wal-Mart, Buy Buy Baby, and Pottery Barn Kids. It is very easy to access gift registries right from your home with a few clicks of a button. If the expectant mother hasn’t registered anywhere, we offer unique gift ideas that can't be found anywhere else.

  • Diaper Cakes – Not only do these make awesome centerpieces, they will wow your guests at the same time. Plus they are a fantastic gift after the shower.
  • Wall Art – Make a great addition to the baby’s room by purchasing our personalized nursery wall art. Themed to match you décor, this 8.5”x11” wall art comes already framed. Use it as a decoration at the shower that the mommy-to-be can take home as a keepsake.
  • Baby Room Décor Posters – These 18”x24” themed posters are a charming and unique way to add cheer to any baby room décor. Personalized with the baby’s name, it’s a great way to show the new mom-to-be and the new baby how special they are. It will make an adorable keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.



What baby shower is complete without a treasured keepsake? Our banners make the best keepsakes!! Instead of the traditional guest sign in book, have your guests sign the banner with their name and a wish for the baby. When the shower is through, present the banner to the expectant Mommy so she can take it to the hospital. Afterwards, she can display it in the baby’s room. The banner can then be rolled up and tucked safely away for a very personal keepsake.

You can also create a “baby board”, where your guests can make guesses as to the sex of the baby, weight, length, date of birth, and even the baby name. Once the baby is born, the guest that has the closest guess wins. Guests can pay $1.00 per guess and have the money go into the baby’s 1st piggy bank.

Having someone with a digital camera designated just to take pictures of the guests and the shower and then put together a small 5x7 or 8x8 scrapbook for the mom as a reminder of the shower is another idea. Local craft/scrapbook stores carry such a wide variety of scrapbook papers and stickers that an album of the shower is guaranteed to be treasured. The scrapbook albums generally come with white page inserts.Ask your guests to take a few minutes and put a special message on the paper, snap a picture of them and when your photos are developed, place the picture on the page with the message.



When a new baby is on the way, the parents are so overwhelmed in getting all the “essentials” that the baby is going to need (diapers, lotions, wipes, blankets, etc) that they don’t think about building a library for their baby. Reading is an important lifelong skill and you should begin reading books to your child from the moment you find out you are pregnant. Reading aloud is the biggest key to giving a child the basics to become a strong and competent reader years down the line!

Starting a baby’s first library is becoming increasingly popular at baby showers. Once you decide on the invitation, write a cute poem to let your guests know that you would like them to bring a book to start the baby’s library. Located below are a few examples of what you can put on an invitation or even write it inside the book for the baby:

Please join us in welcoming the new little one
With friends and food it'll be lots of fun
If everyone brought a book it sure would be swell
We'll try to fill up the wishing well

Baby (last name) can sit down with mom and take a look
Or hop in Dad's lap and open a book
He will become very smart, if my advice you do heed
If we begin early, he will soon love to read

A card is nice, its sentiment sweet,
But a book will keep baby on her feet.
For years to come, baby will read
Longing for stories will never be a need.
A shelf full of wisdom for all to give,
For baby to keep as long as she shall live.
Filling the shelf should not be hard,
If you would please sign a book instead of a card.

Although cards are nice
They’re read once or twice
Maybe three or four at best
A book is a treasure
Forever and ever
Instead of a card
To be put aside
Please give the little baby
A book with your name inside
It will be read before bed each night



What is a Wishing Well?

Remember a time in your life when wishes were not just about money? Your wishes were built around your hopes and dreams. How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish for warmer weather or I wish for great health and peace?” Wishing Wells were originally used for collecting money. However, there are alternatives tothrowing a baby shower that doesn’t pressure guests into giving money.

Guests can bring a small unwrapped gift to place in the wishing well in addition to their regular gift. These small gifts can be randomly pulled out during the shower. Normally you would want to put a note with the gift that would reflect your wish. For instance, if you give a receiving blanket, you can attach a note that would read, “I wish your baby warmth and comfort on a cool night” (or a stuffed animal could have a tag that reads "I wish you a million hugs from your new baby").

Another idea is to hand out the helpful hint cards to your guests and have them each write down their wish to the mom to be and the baby. You can read them out loud or give them to the Mommy-to-Be and let her read them alone.

Here are some examples that you can use on your invitations for a Wishing Well Shower

Please join us in welcoming the new little one
With friends and food it will be lots of fun
If everyone brought a book it sure would be swell
We'll try to fill up the wishing well
Baby (last name) can sit down with Mom and take a look
Or hop in Dad's lap and open a book
He will become very smart, if my advice you do heed
If we begin early, he'll soon love to read

A tisket, a tasket,
Something small for baby's basket!
From the top of his head,
To the tip of his toes,
Baby products are needed,
Every mom knows.
Shampoo and booties
And for in between,
Wet-wipes and q-tips,
To keep baby clean.
If you could provide an item like these,
Our Mom-to-Be and baby sure would be pleased.
Diapers, Diapers, Diapers galore,
We have some, but need some more.
If you could pitch in to help with these,
Mommy and baby sure would be pleased.
With your donation, your name please do not tell,
It is just a little contribution to our wishing well.



As you begin to prepare for baby’s arrival, don’t forget about the nursery! Before you start buying for the baby, take a peek through our list and write down any items that you will need.

    • Baby Bedding & Accessories: Comforter or Quilt, Bumper Pad, Crib Sheets, Dust Ruffle
    • Mobile
    • Lamp
    • Wallpaper & Border
    • Nursry Furniture: Crib & Mattress, Cradle & Pad, Chest & Dresser, Rocker or Glider, Changing Table & Cover
    • Infant Feeding Supplies, High Chair & Bibs, Booster Seat
    • Sterilizer Kit, Bottles & Nipples, Bottle Brush & Bottle Warmer
    • Breast Pump Set & Nursing Pads
    • Infant Safety Products: Nursery Monitor, Safety Gate, Night Lights, Outlet Plugs & Safety Latches
    • Thermometer
    • Nasal Aspirator
    • Bathing Necessities: Baby Bath Tub, Washclothes, Bath Sponge & Hooded Bath Towel
    • Nail Clippers, Brush & Comb
    • Shampoo, Baby Wash, Lotion, Diaper Cream
    • Infant Travel Products
    • Playpen
    • Infant Car Seat & Peek-a-Boo Cover
    • Diaper Bag & Diapers
    • Infant Stroller
    • Back Pack Carrier
    • Infant Clothing: Onesies, Sleepers & Playwear, Socks & Shoes
    • Receiving Blankets



Q. How long does it take for my order to ship?
A. Wowzers! We are so fast that if you place your order today and use our standard shipping you will have it within 5-7 business days!! We do have 2, 3 and 4 business day Rush shipping available as well. Last minute planning? No problem. Check the box for a quote and an Expert Expert will get back to you with an overnight quote.

Q. How do I know how much shipping charges are?
A. That is very simple. Place your fun-tastic items in your cart and proceed to the checkout. All you need to do is add your city, state and zip code in the shipping information and select which shipping option best fits your needs. Once selected, the screen will refresh. Scroll right up to the top of the page and VOILA – your shipping cost is right there!!!

Q. What can I do if I don’t find matching tableware to go with my theme?
A. We want to have it all . . . however, there are some of our themes that don’t have matching tableware to go along with it. We do have a solution for you that came as a suggestion from another customer. Simply purchase solid color napkins, plates and cups. Then, under our do-it-yourself menu, look at our round personalized sticker labels. We can take the graphic that matches your theme and personalize 2 text lines FREE for you. Simply apply the stickers to the front of the cups and onto the corner of the napkins. This will tie it in with the coordinating banner – and POOF...you have matching tableware.

Q. Do you ship outside of the United States?
A. Currently we deliver anywhere within the United States, Australia, Canada and soon the UK. Our Big Dot fanatics have also offered to hand deliver orders internationally, and we appreciate the initiative they are taking, however it is not feasible at this time. We are always looking for ways to get our great products out to even more people, so please check back with us! If you live outside the United States and know someone that lives within the U.S., we would love to ship to them and they can forward it on to you.

Q. If I want to order personalized items (banner, favors, invitations) how soon will my order ship?
A. Gadzooks, if you are ordering items that require personalization, your order WILL NOT be delayed a single day. (Unless you want to view a proof of your invitation prior to printing – if so, shipping depends on how fast we recive your approval). Our design experts are so A-W-E-S-O-M-E that they are referred to as our Superheroes. Orders with personalization will ship out the next business day.

Q. What is the turn-around time if I want a proof of my invitation?
A. Well… that depends on you!! Our design experts guarantee that they will have a proof emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your order (unless you order on Friday or Saturday). As soon as you approve your proof, we will ship them out the next business day. Please make sure that if you don’t see your proof within 24 hours that you contact us or that you check your spam/junk folder.


Food and Beverage Ideas: Appetizers, Recipes & Menu Planning

Serving baby shower appetizers are the most common and convenient way to feed your guests. There are tons of possibilities when choosing which hors d'oeuvres to offer. Sweet, salty, cheesy, hot, cold - all kinds of options! And . . . guests love choices, so offer 4-6 different kinds of appetizers (make sure to check out some great appetizer ideas under our recipes). The baby shower appetizers can be made in replacement of a full meal that you might otherwise serve. Baby shower appetizers can be as complicated as baked spring rolls or as simple as rolled sandwiches cut into bite size pieces.


Choose your appetizers around the baby shower theme.

  • For instance if you are having an Under the Sea Theme, you could get a large glass bowl and place goldfish crackers in it, served with shrimp dip.
Presentation is key.
  • If available, match your tableware with your shower theme. If your theme does not have matching tableware, you can get really creative and purchase a solid tableware color and have round sticker labels personalized to stick onto the cups and the corner of the napkins. Also, instead of serving one big bowl of dip, you could use individual baby food jars and place dip in those for your guests. Another great idea for the food table is to set out small toys such as small plush baby rattles or stuffed animals. You can use them for prizes or the Mommy-to-Be gets to keep them as gifts.
Offer healthy choices.
  • Small sandwiches make great substitutions and can be whipped up in large quantities without too much work. Finding a cookie cutter to cut special shapes out of the bread for a cool presentation is an idea. You can fill your sandwiches with egg salad, tuna fish, or deli meats. Do not forget about simple appetizers such as deviled eggs, veggie trays or cubed fruit.
Pay attention to the beverages.
  • If you are hosting a large group of people, having a variety of drinks available is best. While coffee and tea are usually standard, keep in mind that the mommy-to-Be shouldn’t be having caffeine so offering a punch would be a great idea, not to mention a punch bowl would make a great centerpiece. Using a baby bath tub for a punch bowl is an idea, too.



Fruit/Yogurt Bar - Serve Vanilla Yogurt with fresh fruit toppings – blueberries, sliced strawberries, bananas, raspberries, blackberries, pineapple topped with granola cereal.

Dessert Bar - Have cut up brownies with ice cream, and different toppings, could be fruit, candy, or syrups. Top off with whip cream and cherries.

Mashed Potato Bar - Serve mashed potatoes in martini glasses and have a huge selection of toppings laid out for guests to choose from. Grated cheese, olives, green onions, bacon bits, sour cream and butter! Yum!

Taco Bar - Have a variety of taco shells available such as soft and hard, flour & corn tortillas, and taco salad bowls. Offer some scrumptious fillings such as chicken, beef, cheese, olives, salsa, refried beans, rice, jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, hot sauce and whatever else comes to mind! Serve with a huge bowl of tortilla chips.

**Throwing a baby shower for a loved one will create cherished memories that last a lifetime. With the above hints, you should be able to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen prepping the food and be able to focus on the rest of the shower**



When you start to plan your menu for the food that you will be serving, you should keep a few things in mind:

How many guests will be attending?
If you are having more than 10 guests attending, it would be recommended NOT to serve an entire meal. You would be less stressed if you were to serve finger foods, beverages and appetizers. If you have less than 10 guests, you could do a sit down meal, but keep it easy!!

What time of day is your shower?
For morning or lunch showers, a menu consisting of fruits, yogurts, muffins, and quiches would be simple but elegant. A later shower menu could be comprised of finger sandwiches, a vegetable tray, dips, and cupcakes. If you are doing an evening shower, you can serve up some casseroles, veggies, cheese and sausage tray, and a cake.

Do you have a theme for your shower?
There are some really fun foods out there to go along with almost any theme – if you are doing a cowboy theme, serve up some hot dogs and barbeque beans with potato chips. If you make food to match your baby shower theme, you will certainly “WOW” your guests with the extra touch you put on the shower.

Allow yourself time for preparation.
More than likely, time is not something you have a lot of. So keep the menu simple - and simple does not have to mean boring!! Just find recipes that are easy and fast to prepare. Check out the recipes below for some really easy “Big Dot Family” Recipes that will assist you in preparing for your celebration.

Is anyone going to be helping you?
Assigning several other friends or family members of the expectant mother to prepare food will save you A LOT of time and work. As the hostess, you have so many other things to get ready. Having a few people, each bringing one or two baby shower menu items, will save you a lot of work and create less stress for you. In addition, you won't have to be running around the day of the shower making sure that the food is ready. You can take comfort in the fact that the party food is taken care of and you can focus on the other last minute details.



Below are some easy baby shower recipes, perfect for any size crowd!

Fruit Salsa
2 medium Granny Smith Apples
2 kiwis, peeled and diced
1 pear, chopped
1 cup strawberries or raspberries
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp apple jelly
2 tbsp ginger ale
Dipping crackers or chips

Clean and peel fruit. Dice apples, kiwis, pear and berries and spoon into mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, mix brown sugar, jelly and ginger ale. Pour over the fruit. Chill before serving with cinnamon tortilla chips, cinnamon graham sticks or cinnamon Wheat thins.

Chicken Croissants

2 dozen croissants
2 lbs chicken, cooked and diced
1 package cream cheese
¼ c. mayo
1 c grated cheddar cheese
2 green onion stalks, sliced
1 celery stalk, diced
1 can black olives
½ package roasted sliced almonds

Mix Cream cheese, mayonnaise in mixer. Blend until creamy add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and stuff into the croissants.

Abstinence on the Beach Punch

1 – 12 oz frozen concentrated grapefruit juice
1 -12 oz frozen cranberry juice concentrate
¼ c. coconut milk
9 c water

Combine grapefruit, cranberry and water. Put about 1 cup of juice and coconut milk in blender. Blend until smooth and pour back into pitcher. Chill at least 2 hours – serve in punch bowl.



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